This year common admission test (CAT) 2018 was held on November 25, 2018. Around 2.4 lakh students registered for CAT 2018. Approx, 85,000 were women. As per the students overall CAT exam was tough and it much more in favor of those candidates who are well prepared for quantitative analysis section. As per the experts “The quantitative analysis section was a shocker for many students. Several questions required lengthy solutions. Only 8-11 easy questions were found. Sectional cut-offs for quant are likely to drop by10-12 marks”.  Candidates who struggled data interpretation and quantitative analysis section found tough and logical reasoning section to be moderately difficult of the last four years. As per the admission consultant in Bangalore that the expected cutoffs would be 150-155 for a 99 percentile this year.

Students said that the verbal section was slightly easier than CAT 2017. As there were few tricky questions and leaded many candidates committing of silly mistakes, especially in the quant section. Overall, the verbal ability & reading comprehension section had 34 questions, data interpretation & logical reasoning had 32 and quantitative ability 34.

Sources said that the good news is that most IIMs have started giving weightage to several other factors along with the CAT score which ensure a diverse curriculum. The CAT was successfully conducted across 147 cities without any technical glitch or administrative lapses.

CAT 2018 was conducted by IIM Calcutta and now the results have been declared by the organizing institute.  IIM Calcutta has revealed the names of all 11 toppers of this exam. As per the organizing institute, the list records show that 7 candidates are from various IITs, and 2 others from Jadavpur University. From the permanent address provided during application, 7 candidates are from Maharashtra, 2 from West Bengal, and one each from Karnataka and Bihar, said Sumanta Basu CAT Convener – 2018.

Despite 85,000 female applicants, all 11 topper candidates are male and are from engineering/technology backgrounds.

The CAT score is very much important because many reputed institutions including IIMs will publish their shortlist process considering CAT score as a significant. More than 100 other non-IIM institutions also use CAT score for admission to their management programmes.

If you have missed the chance in CAT 2018, Don’t worry if your CAT 2018 score is not as per your expectation. Here we are sharing expected CAT 2019 information. CAT 2019 will be conducted in the last week of November in computer-based test mode for the duration of 3 hours comprising three sections i.e. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Aptitude (QA).