• Lot of people today consider Engineering as an apt choice after 10+2. Engineering being one of the best areas has various streams to look out for. Most importantly there are a lot of Engineering Colleges out there and can definitely put you in a dilemma.

Engineering College in Mumbai

  • Deciding on all of these can be very hectic for a fresher and hence we can guide you and help you to navigate through the best colleges so that you can aspire to secure a seat in the college of your dreams. Below are a few tips to help you to choose the right Engineering College.


  • Mumbai being one of the fastest growing cities has numerous Engineering colleges. So, selecting the right college is a big decision to make. Getting into Top Engineering colleges in Mumbai will not only be your dream but the dream of your parents as well. So please be wise and let us help you with getting you into the college of your dreams.


  • You have various options through which you can make it to a top college. You can get the college of your dreams through your merit, or can you get E Admission through NRI quota in top Engineering Colleges. And last but not the least you can also get B.E Admission through Management quota in top Engineering Colleges which of course should be the last choice.


  • Engineering not only means B.E but you can also opt for B.Tech where B.E is “Bachelor of Engineering” and B.Tech being “Bachelor of Technology”. There is quite a difference between the two of them. B.E is data-oriented whereas B.Tech is skill oriented.


  • The B.E course concentrates majorly on the theoretical knowledge that is applied in order to develop technical gadgets as well as innovative equipment while the B.Tech course helps in the application of Engineering and Technology to enhance the quality of the equipment by modifying them. Ultimately which course to select is based on your area of interest but we can also guide you through this if necessary.


  • So, one can get into a top B.Tech college by giving the respective entrance exams and can hence secure a seat through merit. Tech Admissions through NRI quota in Top Engineering Colleges is also an option and of course, B. Tech Admissions through Management Quota in top Engineering Colleges could be the last choice.


    • List your Criteria: Basically, try and list the key features that you would be looking into while selecting any college.
    1. Location of the college
    2. A government, Private or Autonomous
    3. Fee Structure
    4. Streams Offered
    5. Internships
    6. Placement List
    7. Scholarships offered etc.


    • Rank colleges according to your priorities: Based on the specifications required to try and rank the list of colleges on a scale of 10 to get a better idea.
    • Check out on the Placements of the ongoing year: ROI, of course, plays a major role while selecting any college. So on investing so much see what returns you would be getting.
    • Check with the locality of the colleges: Locality and college atmosphere also play a key role. If the area is too remote and secluded it might create a problem if there would be extra classes till late at night. So pay some attention to this beforehand.
    • Check with all the other facilities: Facilities like labs, libraries, scholarships, encouragement for extracurricular activities, College Committees etc are to be checked in prior.
    • Go through the cut off list of the previous year: Last but not the least this can help you to know your eligibility to colleges and hence can save a lot of your time.

    So, on the whole, it can be a tedious task but we can make it easier by guiding you through various stages of the process. All the best to all the students and please make the best use of our website.