If you’re looking for MBBS admissions through NRI quota – you’ve made a good choice because getting into the topmost college is important. But if a student cannot apply through this quota then the only choice left would be MBBS Admission through Management Quota.

MBBS Admission through Management quota

After 10+2 most of the students either make Engineering or MBBS as their career choices. Among those students, 90% of them choose Engineering while the remaining 10% who aspire to become Doctors opt for MBBS in order to pursue their dreams.

  • No one can make this decision overnight. MBBS is no joke either. It requires perseverance. And only after a thorough preparation one can acquire a seat in a decent college. It is a commitment for life.
  • Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities, there are quite a lot of Engineering colleges but quite a few Medical Colleges. There are not many government colleges in Bangalore and hence very few seats are allotted. And apart from government colleges, there are a few private institutions that train students as well.
  • Money can become a constraint here as the seats are quite expensive but if someone really wants to pursue MBBS then this can be the last choice i.e., Direct Admission MBBS  Through Management Quota.

Perks of selecting an MBBS College in Bangalore:

  • Bangalore is the fastest growing city and hence can give you many more opportunities.
  • It can also give you a lot of exposures.
  • Quality education at minimal cost.
  • Weather condition is pretty good and people from various places can acclimatize easily without much difficulty.etc.
  • There are a lot of hospitals (Government as well as private) and hence one can start his career here with not much difficulty.


So these are the basic merits and there are a lot more when you choose Bangalore.


  • There are quite a few ways to get into a good college. One can give all the necessary entrance exams and secure a seat through merit. Perhaps it is not easy as there are a very few seats. So, MBBS Admission through NRI quota can also lessen the burden.


  • Make a list of colleges based on your priorities -By doing this you will be able to navigate through various colleges easily.


  • Check the previous year’s cut off the list- This can give an idea and strategy of each college in your list.


  • Dream about it each day and work with passion: Only passion can help you to rise against all the odds. So, work with all the heart and give your best.

Confusions are very common at this stage. So don’t get carried away by such dilemmas. Instead, let us know so that we can guide you thoroughly through our sessions and give you wider perspective about MBBS admission through management quota .